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Re: reply to Nina and to Ligotti, archive 1187

>Not true, Mr. Roush! You could grow your transgenic crops in your own
>personal garden.....Nina

Perhaps I could do all of the things that Nina suggests.  But then she
would deny the benefits of transgenic crops to so many others.  I am sorry
that Nina is paranoid about her tofu, but since there is already certified
GMO free soy milk and baby food, it should only be a matter of time until
someone meets her needs. In fact, I am surprised that there is not already
an organic tofu.

And about risks we choose:

Ligotti, Maurizio's example was perhaps not the best.  How about airplanes?
Airplanes fall down, sometimes killing people on the ground, and you have
little choice in when or where they fly.  Never mind the noise! Airplanes
are also increasing in numbers. Will you also seek to ban airplanes?

The remark about strapping someone on the front of the car is either an
illegal threat or just plain childish, especially the part about getting
someone else to do it.