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My message was an effort to find some common ground.  I am sorry that you
saw it only as a chance to try to score points.

Since I have just said that I support efforts to develop alternatives,
clearly not all persons like myself are opposed.  I am opposed to
organisations like Greenpeace using misleading information to win public
opinion (and dare I say it, but I find Greenpeace to be more often
misleading than Monsanto!).  To do so only hinders the public from making
an informed choice.


>In a message dated 5/11/1999 12:14:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>Organizations such as Greenpeace International and many other environmental
>organizations are trying, and they keep meeting up with opposition from
>people such as yourself. The biotechnology industry has threatened a number
>of lawsuits against people who have tried to publish information creating
>support for this position, because they are simultaneously critical of the
>biotechnology alternative.
>- Nina
> writes:
><< Christian Aid called for new resources to be put into sustainable and
> organic farming.
> I suspect that this something on which we can all agree. Of course, it will
> probably have to be taxpayer's money.  Who will lead the campaign to
> persuade governments to do this?
> Rick >>

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