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Re: BST Safe?


Now that you ask, this sounds like yet one more "policy statement" that is 
made on the basis of a generalized belief system, rather than a clinical 
trial with a control group. Sometimes people who wear white coats feel that 
they can get away with this for a while.

It was long thought that DNA does not survive in the gut, yet empirical 
studies and computer simulations have shown otherwise.

- Nina

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 Any comments?
 Bill B.
 12 May 1999
 BST is safe, says expert 
 BOVINE somatotrophin, which is used by US farmers to boost milk yields in 
their cows, presents no problems for humans, writes an endocrinologist in The 
 Stephen Nussey, of St George's Hospital Medical School, London, claims 
humans will digest bovine somatotrophin in cattle milk or meat in the same 
way as other beef proteins. 
 It will be digested to inactive fragments, he writes.  >>