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Re: Cars and GMOs: Good Analogy ??

>We call something a technology because a modern technique
>is used to create it.
>The only similarity between cars and GMOs
>is that cars and GE food are creations
>of modern man. A car is for transportation.
>People eat food. We don't eat cars, and cars
>don't reproduce. Cars don't create themselves
>through their DNA like GMO or NATURAL food.

Obviously, you are right.

>People who were opposed to cars were right, because
>cars cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year.
>So according to your own analogy we should listen
>very carefully to those who are very concerned about GMOs.

Obviously, you are right.

>Those who are against GMO's predict new epidemics and
>environmental disaster. But you think this risk is ok, right?

No, I think the risk is minimum, not ok. I think the risk is far less than
that with cars.

>Driving or being in a car on a highway
>is a risk that a person KNOWINGLY
>chooses to take. GMO food is being pushed on
>the human race stealthfully, without their choice
>or knowledge.

This is just a matter of labelling. Then you can say to knowingly choose to
take the risk of GMO. As smoking...

>How would you like my uncle Lenny and Little Petie
>(both are over 6 feet tall and over 250 lbs.)
>to strap you to the front of my car and then we will
>race through the freeways of L.A. with you strapped onto the hood.
>WE have decided that
>that will be a good experience for you
>to have, and WE think that will be an alright risk for you to

I'll avoid L.A. freeways for the rest of my life. Just in case...


The joke in Italian erroneously left at the end of my first messagge is:
"the water's raising" "SELL IT, SELL IT"