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GMO and cars

I would like to talk about the similarity between GMOs and cars. 
Car is a technology; it exploits nature; it causes pollution; it causes
200.000 deaths every year in the world. Nobody would like to eliminate the
car technology from our planet. It is too much CONFORTABLE. Who cares on
the deaths, the pollution and the nature?
Think beginning of the century: if someone had said "car will kill people
as a war every year", would we have had car today? But today it is too
late, car is CONFORTABLE.
(this thought is from Isaac Asimov)

With GMOs, we are at the beginning of the century. We will have problems,
pollution and maybe deaths. But if GMOs will be CONFORTABLE, nobody will
renounce to them.

Create a GE rice for high productivity, diseases resistant, drought
tollerant, no terminator, and give it away for free. And let the
against-GMO people explain why not to use it in the Third World.

Create a GE peach or a GE apple variety diseases and insects resistant,
constantly bearing, harvest in one time, slow ripening, high shelf-life,
full bright red; doing so you cut the production costs to one half, sell
the fruit cheaper than the normal fruits. And explain the consumer why they
cost less... Just to see what happens.

I have the maximum respect to who treats the GMO matter as a religious
point of view, because they simply said "no, it is my feeling". They don't
use pseudo-scientific affirmations. I have the maximum respect for religions.

Often I see the use of scientific *evidences* that are not. In every
experiment or pseudo-evidence against GE I have always found the lacking of
the *control*, that statistically speaking is somethings very clear.
Please, show me the control.

The wrong beginning was to start with food. GE should have started with
flowers. People (we) don't treat flowers as part of the nature. We cut
them, and put in some place in the house to let them die. GE should have
started with GM flowers that takes forever to die. This is confortable.
People'd started to think "GE is confortable" and that's all.

Maurizio Ventura

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