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100% Ban of Genetically Engineered Food, 3 of 3

Genetically Engineered Food--Bacteria/Virus Warning
Invincible Global Action Plan: Section 3 of 3
Total, Complete Internet-Based System


You can help your loved ones, family, friends, and associates by
forwarding them the executive summary. The next step will be to send
the executive summary to consumer groups, writers, editors, media
people, journalists, teachers, food producers, organic food producers,
food retailers, network marketers, restauranteurs, small companies,
and large companies. Send the executive summary to anyone that
eats food. Especially be sure to forward it to the best, brightest,
most creative, most successful, and most well-educated people that you
know. Especially make sure to forward it to people that you respect,
to people who are knowledgeable and well-connected. We need to
systematically, step-by-step get this knowledge to the top people in
society. Eventually it will be everywhere -- on TV and in top magazines
and newspapers. It's important to have a complete vision, starting
with the present situation all the way to elimination of genetically
engineered food. This complete vision will bring you firm resolve
to follow through carefully and precisely with this plan.
The most important part of the plan is the duplication aspect,
as you will see.

If you have cut, copy, and paste ability with your e-mail program,
you can create clean copies of the executive summary and this
three-part communication. If you are new to e-mail and the Internet,
get help from a personal friend or computer whiz who knows about
such things. If you need a new clean copy of this three-part
communication, you can order one from your Leader, a person taking
a consumer leadership role. Your Leader's e-mail address should be
at the bottom of each section of this three-part series.

If you, like many other consumers, feel that this situation regarding
the food supply deserves immediate attention and immediate action, then
take the first step. Proceed to make a list of everyone that you know.
First list loved ones, relatives, family, and friends. Then list
associates, everyone else that you know on a first name or on a more
formal basis. Pull out your personal phone directory, and your Christmas
card list and/or other social register. Then use paper and pen and the
phone book to jog your memory about people that you know that you may have
temporarily forgotten. Be systematic. Examples: Use the white pages. Ask
yourself: Who do I know with the last name Adam; Anderson; Atkinson; etc...
Also use the yellow pages. Ask yourself: Do I know any accountants?
bankers? commodity brokers? etc...Psychologists have discovered that
virtually everyone knows at least 1000 people on a first-name basis.
You do too! Bring these people to mind. Make a list of everyone that
you know, and send as many of them as possible the executive summary
by e-mail.

If you live in a small town, or if most people that you know live nearby,
you can simply print the executive summary and this 3-part communication.
Teach people to teach others to make copies and give them out to all of
their loved ones, relatives, and connections. Of course, it's best to
format it so it looks attractive and appealing. If you want to send
someone information, but you don't have their e-mail address, try
calling them briefly and asking them for their e-mail address. If
they don't have e-mail, you can arrange to send this information
to one of their nearby friends or relatives who may have an e-mail
address. You can also of course print and mail printed copies. After
giving or sending this communication, follow up with a note or phone
call. Feel free to use your own individual creativity and the power
of your personal influence! Personally encourage all of your loved
ones to avoid genetically engineered foods. By following these suggestions,
you will easily find your three Leaders and you will build your own
consumer action group. (See "Defeating Dr. Frankenfood" below) In any case,
try to get the executive summary and this elaborated three-part
communication into the hands of as many other consumers as possible.
Simply do the best you can depending on your time, creativity,
resources, contacts, etc.

If you have experience with e-mail and the Internet, then you
know that a "flame" is an angry e-mail, and "spam" is generally
defined as any unwanted commercial e-mail. You should send
the executive summary to on-line mailing lists and to
other people that you do not know personally. However, you may
occasionally get "flamed" by people who do not appreciate the
message. They may feel that you have "spammed" them.

Remember that for every person that flames you, there will be
roughly twenty who will appreciate this information. As more and
more people receive this information, some may say that they have
already seen it. This is actually a good thing. You may consider
e-mailing any flamers with a polite note explaining that passive reading
is not enough. People need to change their
eating habits and to inform their loved ones.

Leaders, people taking a leadership role, will network together and keep
each other informed about events as they happen. They will also
have supporting documentation and other information that they can
hand out or forward to each other. Leaders will always have the best and
most current information. They can work either on-line or off-line or
both. Many Leaders will be fundamental to our success in stopping Dr.
Frankenfood. Become a proud Leader in the Stop-GE-Food Global Network.
As a Leader, you run your own consumer organization. Everything you
need is here in seed form in the executive summary and this
three-part series.

If you feel inspired to become an on-line Leader, record your own
Leader's e-mail address. E-mail to your Leader, and tell
him or her of your intention to take a leadership role.
Ask for his or her list of ancestral Leaders and their e-mail
addresses. You can also get information from the mailing lists,
websites, and information sources at the end of this third section.

New Leaders: Please use cut-and-paste, creating a new fresh version of
the executive summary and this three-part series. Then delete or cut
your own Leader's e-mail address at the very bottom of the
executive summary and the three sections. Then carefully write or
paste in your own e-mail address. Please then also proceed to make your
own personal list and then continue with the plan as previously outlined.
As a Leader, you will generate periodic requests to forward fresh copies
of this three-part communication. You can expect to receive, on average,
one or two requests to forward every day. It's quite manageable.

If your Leader has changed his or her e-mail address, and if you therefore
cannot find your Leader or your ancestral Leaders, you can still make
good of the situation. You can build and create your own powerful group
anyway. In fact you need not depend at all on your Leader. You can use
the information in this three-part communication and those resources and
websites listed at the end of this third section to create the most
powerful consumer group in the world. Yes, believe it or not, the power
to eliminate Frankenfoods is right here on your computer screen or in
your hands. You can find other Leaders who will be happy to work with
you. You will be very pleased to find them as your own family, friends,
associates, and also those subscribed to the mailing lists listed at
the end of this third section. Now YOU have the power!

If you are in a non-English speaking nation, please feel free to
translate this entire executive summary and series into your native
language. Anyone may print or reformat this executive summary and the
entire three-part communication and give it out to consumers off-line.
They can then go to their computer, if they have one, and they can
contact their Leader. If you have e-mail, please make yourself the Leader.
You also may wish to print and hand out information in health food stores,
supermarkets, or anywhere. The most powerful thing you can do is to
carefully follow this plan. Any questions, please ask your Leader.
Then duplicate yourself!

This is the only clear, systematic, and invincible plan on earth to
completely eliminate Frankenfoods. You can feel proud to follow this plan
to the letter. IMPORTANT: Be sure to teach everyone working off-line to
make their own list of contacts, to make copies of the executive
summary and the three-part communication, and to give copies out
to all their friends, relatives, associates, and connections.
You can easily create an off-line system using all of these
principles and the copy machine. For example, people
can use their local copy machine and they can teach others to use
their local copy machine, etc, etc!  Use any skills you may have to
create beautiful reformatted clean copies and then generate an
uproar about the genetic engineering of the food supply in your
home town!

If many consumers tell other consumers about this situation, soon we
will have many Leaders and soon consumers everywhere will know about
Frankenfoods. By informing others, we will be able to protect ourselves.
Everyone has permission to use this executive summary and the
three-part series to create press releases, magazine articles,
booklets or books. Request help from your Leaders and your
Leader's Leaders. Creative people will be able to build huge
consumer information networks by utilizing the
general duplication strategy.

Imagine if an evil Dr. Frankenfood had an evil plan to secretly rage
biological warfare against the world population. It's really happening!
Well, they are not really so evil-minded, but Monsanto, DuPont, Calgene,
Ciba-Geigy, the rest of the bio-tech industry, the USDA, and the FDA
are doing exactly what a malevolent genius would do. In some sense,
they are even more dangerous, because they do not realize that they
are doing something wrong. They have narrow, limited, short-range
vision of what they are doing. We have to react to what they are really
doing, not to their stated good intentions. Along these lines, it may be
interesting to note that the Internet was originally started as an
experiment by the U.S. military. The original purpose of the Internet
was to create a non-centralized network, an evenly spread-out
communications network for military use. A non-centralized network
would be impossible to stop, because an enemy could never locate and
knock out its central operating intelligence. If some part of it
was stopped, the rest would just keep going and going....

This invincible consumer action plan, designed to take advantage of
the natural strength of the Internet, has no center that could ever
be knocked out. E-mail is everywhere and anywhere. Just like the
Internet, this plan utilizes a non-localized network. Therefore, once
started, it cannot be stopped. This plan is to systematically create
hundreds of thousands of consumer Leaders worldwide. The plan also uses
the principle of exponential growth. For example, if three Leaders get
three Leaders, who in turn get three Leaders, etc.....3 x 3 x 3 x 3...
through 15 levels, equals hundreds of thousands of Leaders who in turn
will inform millions of consumers. Since this information will be going
out over a period of many months all throughout 1999, this would
not be any kind of burden on Internet bandwidth -- on communications
traffic flow. It will come out at peak to be quite manageable, with
many hundreds of e-mails per hour worldwide. Exponential mass marketing
in this case becomes highly ethical and necessary. Sometime in 1999
this issue of genetically engineered food will become the major story on
TV as well as in magazines and newspapers in the United States
and in every part of the world. That will be the sign that we will be
on the verge of succeeding in our mission to first label and then ban
genetically engineered foods. But we have to continue until we have
total disclosure and total labeling of all genetically engineered
food products, including complete information about all additives
and production agents. Then we can continue towards a worldwide ban and
moratorium for 50 years.

To be most effective, this consumer action plan needs speed. Your loved
ones, your friends, your family, your relatives may be eating
genetically engineered Frankenfoods right now. Do not procrastinate.
Once begun, this global consumer movement cannot be stopped. New
Leaders will be constantly created. The bio-tech industry, made up of
multi-billion dollar companies, will try to save their Frankenfood
project. They will lobby the government and create new laws. They will
work with the USDA and do multi-million dollar pro-genetic-engineering
campaigns. They will do everything and anything possible to stay in
business, to try to stop us from informing our loved ones and fellow
consumers about Frankenfoods.

But rest assured. They are doomed.

We will not fail. By joining in, by taking action, by making your personal
list, by becoming a Leader, and by forwarding, printing, and handing out
the executive summary and this three-part communication, you will be
completely in harmony with the original purpose of the Internet.
We will quickly create an invincible, unstoppable, global communications
network. Together, we will use the Internet to stop Dr. Frankenfood from
destroying our health, our families, and our planet.


1. Learn all you can about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.
2. Learn how to shop to avoid these foods. Boycott companies using
   these foods.
3. Tell all your friends family and loved ones about this problem,
   both on-line and off-line.  Your job is not done until they change their
   eating habits and they teach their loved one's to do the same.
4. Start or join consumer groups to label and ban genetically
   engineered food.
5. Send letters to your political leaders and representatives.
6. Write and send letters to the organic food industry, media,
   writers, editors, networkers.
7. Join the food fight to eliminate Frankenfoods. Systematically forward
   this three-part communication to your personal contacts and influential
   people all over the world.
8. Take a leadership role. Create at least three new committed Leaders.
   Contact the sources at the end of this communication.
9. Request parts one and two of this three-part communication from your
   Leader, who should be listed at the end of this communication.


Relevant Websites About Genetic Engineering:
(Easily accessible with Netscape mail programs)


To keep up-to-date on GE food, we
highly recommend the Ban-GEF e-mail list
or list digest.

To join contact

with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.



Mothers for Natural Law
P.O. Box 1177
Fairfield, Iowa  52556

Telephone in U.S.  (515) 472-2809
Fax       in U.S.  (515) 472-1830

They have a valuable "Safety First" Information pack --
They need $3.00 U.S. for shipping and handling.
Make checks payable to "Mothers For Natural Law."


1436 U Street N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20009

Telephone in U.S.  (800) 381-4712

Tell them you want to join the crusade against
genetically engineered foods.

The Pure Food Campaign
1660 L St. N.W. #216
Washington, D.C. 20036

The Pure Food Campaign
860 Hwy 61
Little Marais, Minnesota 55614

Telephones: (218) 226-4164, or (218) 226-4155
Fax: (218) 226-4157



The Pure Food Campaign (PFC) is a non-profit, public interest
organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable
system of food production and consumption in the US and the world.
The PFC's primary strategy is to help build a national and international
consumer/farmer/labor/progressive retailer boycott of genetically
engineered and chemically contaminated foods and crops. The PFC is
sponsored by the Washington, D.C. based Foundation on Economic Trends,
whose President is the author and technology critic, Jeremy Rifkin.
The Pure Food Campaign serves as a global clearinghouse for
information and grassroots technical assistance to citizen activists
and non-governmental organizations concerned about agriculture,
food safety, life form patenting, and genetic engineering. The
PFC also provides interviews and background material for journalists
and news organizations worldwide. The Campaign utilizes a variety of
tactics including targetted boycotts, grassroots lobbying, litigation,
progressive media and public relations, activist networking, and
direct action protests and media events.
The PFC National Director is Ronnie Cummins.




This three-part series and its action plan
were carefully crafted and designed to
inform people all over the world about the travesty of GE food.

Your friends, relatives and associates can receive their
own original copies of the complete three-part series and/or
any missing sections by sending an e-mail with
the subject heading "Banning Dangerous Foods" to
their leader, who should be listed below and at the very
end of each section of the three-part series.

IMPORTANT: Your Leader's e-mail address:
Global Action Plan: Section 3 of 3