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100% Ban of Genetically Engineered Food, 1 of 3

Genetically Engineered Food--Bacteria/Virus Warning
Invincible Global Action Plan: Section 1 of 3
Total, Complete Internet-Based System

You bite into what you perceive to be a carefully prepared,
lovingly seasoned, perfectly cooked potato casserole tonight
during your evening meal. You assumed the food to be safe. You
had no idea that the chemical and genetic engineering industries
had used a radical new technology to artificially mutate the DNA
in your potatoes. The genetically altered potatoes were sold
unlabeled, as if they were normal, natural potatoes. In this
three-part communication, you will learn about genetically
engineered food and the fictional Dr. Frankenfood, and about how the
chemical and genetic engineering industries have done exactly the
same things that Dr. Frankenfood would have done. You will learn
about the immediate dangers of genetically engineered foods, and
why national governments and the genetic engineering industry
are now releasing untested genetically engineered foods on the
world population. This amounts to silent biological warfare.
In part two, you will learn how to protect yourself and your
family by shopping to avoid these foods, and finally, in part three,
you will learn how you can easily participate in an invincible,
unstoppable Internet-based system to halt the proliferation of
these experimental foods.

Let us imagine that the fictional Dr. Frankenstein had a modern day
descendent, the evil Dr. Frankenfood. For those people in various
parts of the world who do not know the horror story, Dr. Frankenstein
created a monster using electricity and various dead body parts.
The evil Dr. Frankenfood, like his famous forefather, might also
want to do bizarre technical research. But let us imagine that
Dr. Frankenfood has a great personal fondness for the food industry.
Let us imagine Dr. Frankenfood's mad experimentations. Being in the
food industry, and following in his ancestor's recombinant footsteps,
he might want to make strange, bizarre food products combining
vastly different species. He might create radical new species
in the laboratory that could never exist in nature. If he did so,
let us imagine what he would do. He would go deep with electron
microscopes and sever nature's potato DNA, for example. He would
cut the DNA, the precious, living, twirling genetic nucleotide
staircase guiding nature's potato with complete instructions
of how to build itself and how to interact in any environment
thousands of generations hence. He would cut the genetic code formed
through millions of years of reproductive natural evolution, natural
selection, and reproductive crossbreeding and hybridization.

With a radical experimental technology utilizing a new instrument
known as a gene gun, Dr. Frankenfood would replace natural selection
with his own unnatural personal selection. He would create a
Frankenfood potato by splicing wax moth insect DNA and the DNA of
genetically engineered bacterium onto the severed natural potato DNA.
He would also use his gene gun to dice and splice the DNA of fish
with tomato, pig with human, bacteria with soy, virus with corn.

What if Dr. Frankenfood was also in charge of the USDA (the United States
Department of Agriculture), the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration);
and what if he was also in charge of giant multi-national chemical
companies such as Monsanto, DuPont, Calgene, and Novartis
that have become major players in the new global genetically engineered
food business? He would then have access to immense capital resources
for his strange experimentations. He would wield nearly limitless power,
and he could learn how to manipulate the rest of the government, the laws,
and even the courts with his influence. He would give grant money to labs
in the USDA and to university labs and technicians all over the world. He
would have universities, the USDA and the FDA under his control. They
would carry out his recombination experiments with the DNA of
different species as he directed, and then he would feed these experimental
foods to the population unlabeled and without careful testing. He would
stealthfully export his mad experimental products to other countries, and
if they refused his products, Dr. Frankenfood would use his money, power,
influence, and connections to threaten them with trade war.

Of course Monsanto, DuPont, Calgene, Novartis, the chemical corporations,
the USDA, and the FDA cannot really have such evil intentions. They are
doing their best to do their jobs. Dr. Frankenfood is a mere dramatization.
But the chemical companies, the USDA, the FDA, and all of their hardworking
food technicians are doing the exact same things that the evil Dr.
Frankenfood would do if he was in charge. The multi-national chemical
companies, the USDA and the FDA, although well-meaning, operate based on
short-range vision and greed. As scientific technicians, they appear
to have minimal ability to see long-range consequences. The
chemical/genetic engineering industry and the USDA recombine the DNA
of vastly different species creating new organisms that have never
before existed on earth. The genetic engineering industry then lobbies
for regulatory loopholes that allow them to rush their experimental
foods to market. Due to large PAC money payments (legalized bribes),
good-ole-boy networks, corporate welfare, and continuing conflicts of
interest between the USDA, FDA and multi-national chemical/genetic
engineering companies, the U.S. and many other governments have
encouraged and approved these synthetic foods. The genetic engineering
industry sells these products untested and unlabeled. And finally, the
U.S. government threatens other nations with WTO sanctions and
trade war if they label or reject genetically engineered foods.

We as global consumers have the right to know what we are eating.
We have the right to decide whether we want to eat these foods. We have
the right to decide whether our children should eat these foods.

Wherever you may live in the world, food markets sell these unlabeled and
untested Frankenfoods. Beginning back in 1994, the chemical/genetic
engineering industry began to sell genetically engineered tomatoes
and milk laced with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH).
Now in 1999, these companies want to quickly earn back their
accelerating research costs, and have now rushed approximately
30,000 untested new genetically engineered food products to market.

Risks are literally unbounded and potentially catastrophic.
Genetically altered supplements and foods have already caused
debilitating allergies, permanent cripplings, and deaths simply
because consumers were unaware. Fifty-one people died and 1500
people were permanently disabled from toxic and deadly bacteria
created during the production of genetically engineered tryptophan.
Allergic reactions could have resulted from the aborted introduction of
mutated genetically engineered soy combining DNA from brazil nuts.
These stark warning signs did not slow down the irresponsible genetic
engineering industry. The genetic engineering industry has
continued stealthfully and unabated, and now they have succeeded in
genetically engineering roughly 20% of the world's food supply.
One can predict that more deaths and more negative side effects must
continue to emerge from this new and experimental technology.
Without clear labeling and consumer choice, new cancers and other
diseases cannot be easily avoided or even properly traced back
to their source. Many health problems may and probably are emerging
in peoples lives right now in 1999, but even doctors cannot know the
correct source. Let people know loud and clear, the source may be
this secret stealth genetic engineering of the food supply by
multinational corporations.

Genetic damages to the environment and ecosystem can never be cleaned up,
reversed, or recalled. Once released, once the microorganisms, plants,
and living beings in the food chain and ecosystem become polluted with
these mutant foods, destruction of health and virulent, irreversible,
permanent, and incomprehensible living mutations will spiral wildly
into the future. Genetic pollution becomes immediately locked-in and
self-sustaining -- hosted in the very DNA of living organisms. This
contrasts, for example, with the threats of hazardous nuclear waste and
the potential destruction of nuclear war, which although devastating,
can be eventually reversed and cleaned up with the passage of time.

Widespread sales of genetically altered foods increase the profitability
of the chemical/genetic engineering industry. The chemical industry
wants to quickly recoup their billions of dollars in accumulated genetic
research and investment costs. Their strategy involves rushing
genetically-altered Frankenfoods to market en masse as
quickly as possible.

The USDA, FDA, and their wealthy supporters, the genetic engineering
companies, claim that they intend to solve problems of world hunger.
But careful scrutiny shows their true motives. Primarily, the U.S.
government intends to ensure the continuing success and prosperity
of their wealthy yet irresponsible supporters, the genetic
engineering industry, and secondly the chemical/genetic engineering
industry intends to dominate the global food markets with their
experimental products. We appreciate that governments want to support major
businesses and industries. We also understand that big business wants to
make money. However, in pursuing these goals, the USDA, FDA, and chemical
(bio-tech) companies have chosen to disregard the long-range effects of
these products on human life.

The chemical industries have genetically altered foods for the following
specific traits: to increase profits by artificially increasing product
shelf life; to increase profits by increasing the compatibility of
plants with the chemical industry's own pesticides and herbicides;
and to increase profits by creating seeds that cost more but save
producers money because the vegetables or plants create their own
pesticide internally.

While taking these actions for immediate short-term profits, the chemical
industry claims that their work represents the cutting edge of science.

If Dr. Frankenfood was in charge, his diabolical scheme would not be true
science, because he would never bother to safety-test his experimental
foods before putting them on our family's plates and serving
them up to the world community. True science uses the "Scientific Method."
The Scientific Method involves alternating between theory and
observation, checking theory to see if it matches past observations and
can correctly predict new observations. The checking comes in the form of
experience, in other words: experimentation. New technology should not be
applied directly to human life until it has proven itself beyond doubt
through the test of time to be safe, useful, beneficial. True science
does not make the human race into experimental animals, into
guinea pigs. Again, we look and see that the chemical industry does
exactly what Dr. Frankenfood would have done, marketing these foods
to the world population untested and unlabeled.

We know Dr. Frankenfood's history as a descendent of Dr. Frankenstein.
Let us also look at the past, at the track record of one of the major
chemical/genetic engineering companies, Monsanto. A look at the past
may give some indication of what we can expect from this company and
other chemical companies now and in the future.

Monsanto marketed herbicide 2,4,5-T used as a defoliant in Agent Orange in
Vietnam. The version tainted with dioxin killed people. Monsanto also was
the sole maker of PCBs, (poly-chlorinated-biphenyls), banned by the U.S.
Congress in 1976 because of cancer risk and reproductive harm. Recent
studies link it to significant developmental harm in children at minute
doses. All humans now carry some level of PCBs in their bodies because
the chemical is lipophilic and biomagnifies in the food chain, as does
dioxin. This means that it gradually spreads into the physiology of all
living beings on earth. Monsanto owns and markets Aspartame,
the artificial chemical sweetener marketed as Nutra-Sweet, widely known
as a cancer-risk-associated drug yet pushed through the regulatory
loopholes as a food additive instead of a drug. In recent years Monsanto,
the USDA, and the FDA have worked together to add rBGH, bovine growth
hormone -- widely implicated in making cows sick and increasing cancer
risk, to consumer's milk. Now Monsanto and other chemical companies
want to genetically engineer the global food supply. Can we trust these
companies with the food supply?

The chemical companies have now genetically engineered not only
potatoes, but also tomatoes, corn, soy, squash, canola,
cotton seed oil, and milk. The chemical industry claims that
these practices come as a normal, natural extension of
time-tested reproductive crossbreeding and hybridization techniques.
In reality, this is a new, bizarre experiment on the human race
utilizing a radical new technology. Dr. Frankenfood would
be well pleased.

Distributors export these mutant foods all over the world. A global
crisis now exists because many governments have implicit trust
in the U.S. government and its decision to promote these foods.
Naive trust of the FDA and the USDA creates complacency in
the U.S.A. These chemical companies have made global consumers
out to be experimental animals, guinea pigs. Although
this is a serious crisis, we can stop the proliferation of these
Frankenfoods now. Section two will give you information on how to
shop to avoid these foods, while section three offers an invincible,
unstoppable system to halt their proliferation now, in 1999.

1. Learn all you can about the dangers of genetically engineered foods.
2. Learn how to shop to avoid these foods. Boycott companies
   using these foods.
3. Tell all your friends family and loved ones about this problem,
   both on-line and off-line.  Your job is not done until they change
   their eating habits and they teach their loved one's to do the same.
4. Start or join consumer groups to label and ban
   genetically engineered food.
5. Send letters to your political leaders and representatives.
6. Write and send letters to the media, writers, editors, networkers.
7. Forward the "executive summary" to influential people all over the world.
8. Take a leadership role. Contact the sources at the end of
   part three of this communication.
9. Request parts two and three of this three part communication from
   your Leader, who should be listed below.

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This three-part series, the "executive summary" and the
action plan were carefully crafted and designed to
inform people all over the world about the travesty of GE food.

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