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Where Did 100% Ban Plan Come From ? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Aliens from AnotherPlanet, etc.

Where Did the 100% Ban Plan Come From ?
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Good question, regarding where the Executive Summary
Originates from. Methinks it originates from deep, very
deep within the collective consciousness of the world.

Actually, this brings up another good point. The worldwide
strategic plan for 100% ban of genetically engineered
food has been evolving for three years now. I have been
monitoring and observing quietly as it has developed. Gradually,
bit-by-bit it has taken shape. Now--if you have had the good
fortune to have read the third section of the plan, then you
will quickly realize that the plan uses the power of the Internet,
the power of Nature, the power of Life itself !

The plan POTENTIALLY puts into action
the creativity, the imagination, the power, and the ingenuity of
every single person who chooses to pick up the torch of freedom,
knowledge, choice, progress, and pure food. There
is no center, no determinable origination, no individual
person, no specific website, no organization ----> NO CENTER !!
Exactly !! No center !!

There is no center which could ever get knocked out, or could ever
be hauled into court. (note to Monsanto: I'm 100% judgement
proof anyway, PLUS I definitely need the publicity, therefore
"hit me with your best shot !")

There's LITERALLY no way to stop the plan. It cannot be
brought to liability so to speak by the dark forces
of Monsanto or the like. P.S. This is a war, this is a battle
against the dark force (the new Star Wars movie is coming out ya know)

NO ONE KNOWS (methinks)
exactly where the plan originates from.
The Plan is like DNA, self-creating, and Self-Generating.
In my opinion, I think it was put together by a rainbow
coalition of individuals from various anti-GE food groups.

Perhaps it was put together by aliens from another planet.
Oh, what does it matter...The point is that whoever
takes part in the plan becomes what they already are:
their own center, their own consumer organization,
their own spoke in the cosmic wheel. It comes down to
potential continuous duplication and a literally unstoppable
plan to halt all genetically engineered food forever,
and ever,

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

In commemoration of your brilliant question, Dave,
I will send the entire updated plan to Ban-gef and Gentech, and (methinks) only one more time.

By the way, I know that the executive summary seems rather
boring and dogmatic, especially after seeing it 5 times,
however, please remember that the purpose is to send it to others...
Exactly...OTHERS, (interesting concept, hmmmmm)
who do not know much about GE food OR those who want
it stopped. We need something which can tell the whole
story in one relatively short e-mail or 1 or 2 printed pages.
Remember, if you can improve any of this, please
do it. If you have writing or editing ability, here's
your chance to show off. By the way,
I would like to thank my parents, my dog Taffy, and
(from grade school) I would like to thank
Sister Diane, who taught me that everything works out in the end.

Peter Michael Ligotti

Note to any detractors:   (na, na, na na naaaa)

As I have asked before, where did this executive summary originate?
Why does no-one seem to want to answer me on this one?


Mind Like A Steel Trap - Rusty And Illegal In 37 States

>Complete Strategic Plan for 100% Total Worldwide Ban
>of Genetically Engineered Foods, May 13, 1999 Update
>(please pass this on everywhere -- every consumer has the right to be
> fully aware of this so they will be free to make choices. If you
> want the complete report, please send this to five or more people
> and then order -- See below. If you disagree with some aspect(s) of this
> movement for 100% ban of GE food, then feel free to start your
> own action for or against GE food. The basic rule is lead, follow or
> get out of the way.)