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Re: 100% Worldwide Ban of Genetically Engineered Food

As I have asked before, where did this executive summary originate?
Why does no-one seem to want to answer me on this one? 


Mind Like A Steel Trap - Rusty And Illegal In 37 States

>Complete Strategic Plan for 100% Total Worldwide Ban
>of Genetically Engineered Foods, May 13, 1999 Update
>(please pass this on everywhere -- every consumer has the right to be
> fully aware of this so they will be free to make choices. If you
> want the complete report, please send this to five or more people
> and then order -- See below. If you disagree with some aspect(s) of this
> movement for 100% ban of GE food, then feel free to start your
> own action for or against GE food. The basic rule is lead, follow or
> get out of the way.)