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Re: Maybe Monsanto will help with food

Nick and Chris, I really value your concern for the under-privileged

We have in fact always been treated like that. A couple of years back,
University was offering us free of cost its banana vaccine technology.
benevolence stemmed from the fact that they badly needed a field
laboratory for
tests. Otherwise, each of the cutting-edge technology comes with a
patent and
huge royalties to be paid !

The Dutch had even tried to solve their problem of ground water
from cowdung and piggery droppings by shipping it to India, and that too
in the
name of enhancing soil fertility. The export was to be subsidised by the
EU and
had the blessings of the World Bank. It was after strong public protests
the plan was finally shelved.

Devinder Sharma


Christoph Reuss wrote:

> Nick Treanor wrote:
> > Okay.  But I would like to see, after the six month demostration period is
> > over, Monsanto's CEO and the top ten Monsanto executives under him
> > test-eat the value-added food product for breakfast for a year, before
> > marketing it to the citizens of India.
> Great idea!  I think such "Guinea CEO's" should be introduced in other
> industries too.  Just that one year isn't enough to assess the safety...
> Chris
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