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Re: reply to archive 1165

>For me, the important point here is that Dr. Pusztai did his study because he
>was unable to find even one independent, peer-reviewed scientific publication
>demonstrating the safety of even one genetically engineered food crop on the
>basis of a feeding study.

Nina, I believe that this is wrong.  Dr. Pusztai has done a number of
contracted studies when asked to do them by others, and believe that this
was also a contracted study, not a research project taken up because he was
"following his heart".

>And, of course, ~independent~ means not sponsored by a biotechnology company
>and also independent of governmental regulatory agencies, whose agents are
>frequently recruited from the biotechnology industry. I have posted this
>request before and gotten back a Monsanto-sponsored study and a statement of
>FDA policy.

Putting aside the defamatory implication that no one in government can be
trusted, who is left to do the work that meets your approval?  Even
University researchers need funding from with government or industry to do
the experiments.

Personally I must reject the view that government regulatory "agents" can't
be trusted. The must be at least as reliable as professional critics such
as those in Greenpeace and FOE, who have a financial interest in keeping
people worried.