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Re: Another article of interest

Can someone tell me what mad cow disease has to do with GMO?  I
honestly know nothing about the disease.
Bill B. 

Dear Bill,

The answer might shock some of the self proclaimed experts.

Two Nobel prizes have been awarded in the last quarter of this century
to investigators who pointed out the existance of a previously unknown
"protein particle" which causes unusual and rapid encephalitis. 
Gadjusek called his disease Kuru (1976 Nobel) and Prussiner described
the PRION (1997 Nobel).  Both are degenerative brain disorders.


I have learned of evidence that Gadjusek was genetically engineering a
varient of the kuru three years before his Nobel Prize was awarded!!!!!

It is all in Leonard Horowits's brilliant book:
EMERGING VIRUSES.  The story is contained in a chart,
with a brief mention of Gadjusek's "crime" against mankind.
Leonard and I out this together last year.

Robert Cohen