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Co-op wrote:
Any comments?
Bill B.
BST is safe, says expert
Stephen Nussey, of St George's Hospital Medical School, London, claims
humans will digest bovine somatotrophin in cattle milk or meat in the
same way as other beef proteins. 

Dear Friends,

If you agree with this conclusion, then you must also agree that
breastfeeding does not work.  An infant has the same gastric pH (1.8) 
as an adult.  Milk buffers gastric acidity so that protein hormones
survive.  In fact, homogenized cow's milk micronizes liposomes (fat
molecules) that that they envelop these proteins and get them through
the hypothetical structure known as "gut closure."

Evidence exists that epidermal groth factor (EGF) survives.  What would
Dr. Nussey say about that?

Furthermore, CASEIN helps to protect these hormones.

Bovine growth hormone and human growth hormone both have 191 amino acids
but the gene sequence differs by about 35%.  

Cows injected with rbST have increased amounts of insulin-like growth
factor-I (IGF-I) in their milk.

IGF-I in humans and cows both have 70 amino acids in the identical gene
sequence.  IGF-I has been called a key factor in the growth and
proliferation of EVERY human cancer.


Robert Cohen