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Even opponents of genetic engineering like Robert Cohen have accepted
"genetic engineering had nothing to do with the TRYPTOPHAN injuries or
deaths."  And (although I know that Robert doesn't agree), there is even
doubt about your claims on aspartame (eg., Time magazine, 8 Feb 1999).

Dear Friends,

First let's talk about TRYPTOPHAN.
The author of the study in question, Kristina Rebolo
has chosen not to reveal her proprietary information.
I do know that she has shared that info with one of the
most respected members of this group and he was silent.

I have reviewed Kristina's work and lab results and 
agree that genetic "injur-eering" was not the cause.
Kristina and her husband were both TRYPTOPHAN-
injured, and wanted nothing but truth.

Their search cost over $100,000 and resulted in
a surprise.

By adopting the TRYPTOPHAN story as our best piece of
evidence, we a being set up for a mighty fall.  Let us
nowadopt another approach.

I have written about rbST (the milk hormone) many times...

Monsanto created a FREAK AMINO ACID and never told FDA.
This act should be symbolic of the entire flaw in the SCIENCE
and our SYSTEM.


Our research is severely flawed.  TIME magazine said
that there were no biological effects on lab animals.
The author of the TIME piece BLINDLY accepted the FDA

There were 112 studies submitted by the manufacturer.
FDA deemed 17 of those studies pivotal.  In one of those
"pivotal" studies every aspartame-treated rhesus monkey got
grand mal epileptic seizures after day 200 of the one year study.

This included low dose, medium dose and high dose groups.

I am willing to debate any one or group of doctors, scientists
or bureaucrats on this issue.  I will not be surprised if there
are no takers.

I have a major American television news show ready to 
televise such a debate.

There are many MYTHS out there.  Today I wrote about myths
in my weekly column:

Robert Cohen
> >Complete Strategic Plan for 100% Total Worldwide Ban
> >of Genetically Engineered Foods, May 8, 1999 Update.....
> >
> >5.  There have already been many serious ill effects from genetically
> >    engineered products. Genetically engineered Tryptophan caused
> >    50 deaths and permanently injured thousands, while the genetically
> >    engineered sweetener Aspartame has caused thousands of documented
> >    disease cases worldwide. Now the chemical companies
> >    have genetically engineered soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes,
> >    canola, cotton, papaya, radicchio and crook neck squash.
> >    These are now in your supermarket !!
> >
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