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Date: 9 May 1999 04:46:38 -0000
Subject: Re: gentech-d Digest V99 #90

 To Rick Roush and the Gentec Tribe

This is a post from Digest #90.  I am always a bit behind but I have read all 
the posts for two years now.  I know Rick as a person who constantly presents 
rational intellectual defenses of Corporate Monopolism and Unsafe Sex in the 
sense of careless gene exchange.  This is always done with The 
Rationalization that all of this GMO stuff is needed by the rest of us  
because it will reduce the poisoning of mother earth by  pesticides and 
herbicides while fighting the bad weeds that invade monocultural centralized 
agricukultural commodity production.  These bad plants that the creator made, 
are actually daring to express their need for life at the expense of 
corporate profits.  So these monopolists sell an ever high tech solution to 
natural problems.   This is not to dismiss the mayhem committed on local 
ecostructures by invading exotic species.  But GMO's do not ever consider 
this, especially since they are exotic invading species.  Instead we get 
products that are made to sell the parent companies herbicide be it mutant Bt 
or Glyphosphate.  Now the last pretext that this is "feed the world - heal 
the world technology", is gone.   Monsanto casually tells us that if they 
create  mutants in our environment, all we have to do is spray them with more 
chemicals be they herbicides or pesticides.    This seems like a strange path 
to less chemical contamination and " feeding the world" as the Prez of 
Monsanto likes to gush.  So Rick, I ask you this in a good way - Explain how 
this quoted article fits your vision of a better world for all of the people 
and species that the creator has made. 

Kind Regards

Richard Jennings
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

INDEPENDENT (London) April 25 
Monsanto admits superweed danger 
By Marie Woolf 
Monsanto, one of the pioneers of genetically engineering food, has admitted 
that GM crops can crossbreed with native plants, creating hybrids resistant 
to some weedkillers.   A senior Monsanto director has also conceded that 
insects are capable of developing a resistance to plants genetically 
engineered to kill them.  Gary Barton, director of biotechnology 
communications for Monsanto in the United States, told the Independent on 
Sunday that "resistance can  develop" but that "superweeds"  hybrid plants 
resistant to insecticide   were not an issue since they could always be 
sprayed with other  weedkillers to which they were not resistant. 

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