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Peter M. Ligotti wrote

Are you sure about the figure of 50 deaths. The data on PubMed says 37,
but by now some of the crippled people must have died of it. Not too
much of a worry, but I think it's better if we make sure that our
literature is accurate.

Yes, more people have died from it.  I have one of the
few who have known that. Some people and organizations are still
saying 37, but now it is 50 to the best of my knowledge.

Dear Peter,

Please do not try to make a case against genetic engineering based upon
the TRYPTOPHAN case.  I have reviewed a very serious and significant
paper, not yet published, and having reviewed the evidence agree that
genetic engineering had nothing to do with the TRYPTOPHAN injuries or

I am bound not to reveal the cause until that paper is published.
Suffice it to say that I am totally AGAINST any and all genetically
engineered foods.

My work supports my position.

My warning to you is to not make a case by citing the TRYPTOPHAN
problem because that might one day be used to cite the overaction made
by anti-GEF people.


Robert Cohen