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Re: Monsanto's expanding monopolies into water supply

I think I should point out that the headlines in "The Onion" are not to be
taken seriously.
A recent story reported that Jesus Christ had become a Moslem.

David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law and Ethics
Sheffield University, UK

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>The similarities between Monsanto and Microsoft are growing, becoming more
>and more absurd.
>>From :
>Microsoft patents Ones and Zeros
>      REDMOND, WA--In what CEO Bill Gates called "an unfortunate but
>step to protect our intellectual property from theft and exploitation by
>competitors," the Microsoft Corporation patented the numbers one and zero
>      With the patent, Microsoft's rivals are prohibited from manufacturing
>selling products containing zeroes and ones--the mathematical building
>of all computer languages and programs--unless a royalty fee of 10 cents
>digit used is paid to the software giant.
>      "Microsoft has been using the binary system of ones and zeroes ever
>its inception in 1975," Gates told reporters. "For years, in the interest
>the overall health of the computer industry, we permitted the free and
>unfettered use of our proprietary numeric systems. However, changing
>marketplace conditions and the increasingly predatory practices of certain
>competitors now leave us with no choice but to seek compensation for the
>of our numerals."
>      As a result of the Microsoft patent, many other companies have begun
>radically revising their product lines: Database manufacturer Oracle has
>embarked on a crash program to develop "an abacus for the next millennium."
>Novell, whose communications and networking systems are also subject to
>Microsoft licensing fees, is working with top animal trainers on a
>chimpanzee-based message-transmission system. Hewlett-Packard is developing
>a revolutionary new steam-powered printer.
>      Despite the swarm of protest, Gates is standing his ground,
>that ones and zeroes are the undisputed property of Microsoft.
>      In an address beamed live to billions of people around the globe
>Gates expressed confidence that his company's latest move will, ultimately,
>benefit all humankind.
>      "Think of this as a partnership," Gates said. "Like the ones and
>of the binary code itself, we must all work together to make the promise of
>the computer revolution a reality. As the world's richest, most powerful
>software company, Microsoft is number one. And you, the millions of
>who use our products, are the zeroes."
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