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Just a joke your history of patenting 0 and 1. As is said in the article,
if 0 and 1 are as old as mankind, it cannot be patented (I know teh counter 
example of life ;(  )

Please, do send only serious things. Even if we do not laugh often on this
list, do not send this.

I profit by the occasion to propose the following web site :

This web site is devoted to reproduction by cloning.
If you have a simple look, you will be frightenned. If you happen
to read the disclaimer, you will laugh.

But I will add one more (though less amusing) remark : Why should a
normal person try to promote a debate fundamentally obscene if not
interested ?

That's why I think this web site can, yet, be made by one of those who
promte thois reproduction by cloning.

Let me remind you that the sect of Raheliens (i'm not of them !) has made a
company in a fiscal paradise (cannot remember whoch one) to propose
this reproduction by cloning to infertile or homosexual couples.

Best world ?