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Re: 100% Total Worldwide Ban of Genetically Engineered Foods, May 1, 1999 Update


Where did this executive summary originate? Was it Monsanto, Friends Of The
Earth, or an independent body?

I think the most serious problem here is the lack of unbiased information.
The information in the post from Mr Ligotti, although it may be totally
correct, has been delivered in a way designed to scare readers, especially
the points below.

I don't want to be rude to anyone, but wouldn't it be a good idea to pause
for a second or two, take a deep breath, and get some reliable tests done by
someone who both sides of this debate can trust?

>    The chemical/genetic engineering industry has done this
>    secretly within the past three years.
>3.  The chemical/genetic engineering industry claims that
>    genetically engineered food is just a natural extension
>    of time-tested crossbreeding and hybridization. Actually this
>    is a new, experimental, very dangerous, AND radical technology.
>    The process causes unnatural mutation and combination of
>    DNA of our food in a manner which excludes nature out of
>    the process. This means we and our children are now eating
>    lab-created, mutated and experimental "fake" food. They are
>    experimenting, not only with us and our children, but with the
>    entire food chain.

David Wengraf
MA Biotechnological Law And Ethics
Sheffield University, UK