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100% Total Worldwide Ban of Genetically Engineered Foods, May 1, 1999 Update

How To Get a 100% Total Worldwide Ban of Genetically Engineered Foods


1.  Foods we assume to be natural food
    and eat every day have been genetically engineered
    with the DNA of bacteria, viruses, animals, and fish.
    The chemical/genetic engineering industry has done this
    secretly within the past three years.

2.  Although the chemical/genetic engineering industry claims
    to have good motives and good intentions for doing this,
    they are essentially experimenting with the human race
    on a mass scale.

3.  The chemical/genetic engineering industry claims that
    genetically engineered food is just a natural extension
    of time-tested crossbreeding and hybridization. Actually this
    is a new, experimental, very dangerous, AND radical technology.
    The process causes unnatural mutation and combination of
    DNA of our food in a manner which excludes nature out of
    the process. This means we and our children are now eating
    lab-created, mutated and experimental "fake" food. They are
    experimenting, not only with us and our children, but with the
    entire food chain.

4.  The chemical/genetic engineering industry claim that
    these "scientific advances" will help solve the
    problem of world hunger.  Their actual main motive is to
    create a profit windfall by increasing sales of their pesticides.
    For example, the patent on Monsanto's pesticide/herbicide known
    as "Roundup" will expire soon. They have enticed farmers
    with their experimental crops that are genetically engineered
    to absorb and tolerate their chemical pesticides and their other
    yummy crops which create their own pesticide internally.
    These powerful multi-national companies also taken direct action
    to buy out and bring the world's largest seed companies under
    their control. Opponents of genetically engineered food call them
    Frankenfoods, or Frankenstein foods.

5.  There have been many ill effects already from genetically
    engineered products. Genetically engineered Tryptophan caused
    50 deaths and permanently injured thousands, while the genetically
    engineered sweetener Aspartame has caused thousands of
    disease cases worldwide. Now the chemical companies
    have genetically engineered soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes,
    canola, cotton, papaya, and crook neck squash.
    These are now in your supermarket !!

6.  To avoid these foods, shop very carefully, and eat only certified
    organic versions of soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, canola,
    cotton oil (sometimes in chips/snacks), papaya, or
    crook neck squash. Soy and corn derivitives
    are in most processed foods.

7.  There is a complete Internet plan available to stop
    Frankenfoods. To receive a copy, send an e-mail to    with

    "avoiding dangerous foods" as the subject heading.

8.  Also please make sure to send this message to as many people
    as possible. And remember that you can print this message out
    and give out hard copies to friends, relatives, and connections.
    By sending this message to 5 - 25 people, you do are doing
    a wonderful good deed. By sending it to 50 to 100 people,
    you are taking powerful direct action to insure that
    genetically engineered Frankenfoods will soon be
    eliminated from this world.

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 !!  Stop GE Food, Avoid GE Food !!

For more information and a complete Internet plan
(the only comprehensive global plan to 100% STOP GE FOOD)
send an e-mail to
with "avoiding dangerous food" in the subject heading