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How to receive the GenetiX Snowball Handbook

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From: Hendrik

How to receive electronic copies of
the Official GenetiX Snowball Handbook
(Shows how to take direct action against Monsanto)

Hi all,

Monsanto is waging war againt life on this planet.
They will not succeed,
but the way to defeat them is not obvious.

In support of those who put themselves at risk opposing Monsanto, I am
making available archived electronic copies of the genetiX Handbook by
e-mail, for both Macintosh and Windows users.

My opposition to Monsanto's war is already on record (for example, through
some internet newsgroup posts that i have made), so you are free to post my
address to lists, newsgroups, etc., as you see fit.

I believe the more people get involved publicising Monsanto's immoral
activities, the harder it will be for them to silence anybody.

Regards: Hendrik (from Japan)