GENTECH archive


digest list

A hint for those of you who wants to reduce the number of emails they
are receiving:

There is a digested list of gentech available. The digest is sent
out after reaching a maximum size of 55 kbyte or an age of 1 day.
To subscribe you have to send a message with the subject "subscribe"

You have to unsubscribe from gentech. Otherwise you are getting both, the
digest and the single messages.

Please note that the subscription mechanism for gentech and gentech-d
(digest list) has changed. After sending the "subscribe" message to the
list you are receiving a message from the list asking you to confirm your
subscription request. You will only getting subcribed to the list if you
are replying to this message, keeping the subject line in place. This
procedure has been introduced to avoid the subscription of invalid 

The unsub procedure hasn't changed (see footer of this message).  

I am sorry for any annoyances caused by lenghty quarrels but gentech is an
open list and GE is a highly controversial topic. If you want to
participate in a dedicated anti GE list you can join BIOBIZ (send 
"subscribe" to or,
the digest list). BIOBIZ is a low volume list.

Werner (list maintainer)
Werner Reisberger         public-key available:          voice: +41 1 3228069
Kreuzwiesen 12     
CH-8051 Zurich      with "get 0xED527449" in the subject