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 Rick Roush wrote:

> We're going in circles
>      If this means less varieties available in the market, varieties
> more uniform in terms of their genes, we have a problem.
> Not an issue that transgenics will significantly affect. Replied to in
> my note to Le Meur.
> The fact is, monopolies are a hard way to make a profit. Someone
> always comes along with a better product, or a higher bribe. The
> easiest way to make money is a better product.


At least we agree in something, we are going in circles. Sorry to say
that, but you are misinformed about Brazil. We do not produce
genetically modified crops comercially. The biosecurity comission in
Brazil just approved the comercial production of GM soya from Monsanto,
not because producers feel the need for that, but because Monsanto´s
lobby was strong. Do not forget that in the case of maize (or corn)
farmers do not have the choice of keeping the seed for the next season.
They use hybrids.
I also think you believe too blindly in the free market not to see that
multinationals usually oligopolise and subsequently monopolise (or
cartelise) their market. We learnt that in Brazil the hard way (paying
their price).

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