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re: moratorium in UK

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I would have said where it was on the front 
page for 18/2/99 - photo and article. but the Daily Telegraph seems to 
have pulled it from its archives. I wonder why?

Attached is a copy of my letter that I sent to the Telegraph, they 
haven't published it or replied.

Re: We have had GM tomatoes for years 18/2/99 front page

Dear Sir
Roger Highfield's front page article today raises some questions:
1) was the testing of safety of these GM tomatoes run as a formal 
double blind trial? if not, why not?
2) did the human "guinea pigs" give informed consent? was the trial 
registered with the appropriate authorities and approved by any ethics 
committees? and what information did the subjects receive about the 
nature of the product they were going to be eating?
3) did the scope of the human testing cover the very important areas of 
pregnant mothers?
4) have the results of this "trial" been published in a peer reviewed 
5) is the term "they all look quite normal" a scientific validation of 
the hypothesis being proposed by Dr Poole? or is there something more 
substantial to help us determine the safety of these tomatoes?
The fact that these points are not mentioned makes me doubt that you 
are applying the same standards of scientific objectivity to the two 
sides of this very important argument.
Yours faithfully
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