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Herve LE MEUR wrote:
I certainly did not intend to promote lynching in the physical
meaning... in french, you can use "lynching" to mean that you
refuse the right to speak any more.

Dear Herve and friends,

Sometimes something is lost in the translation, oui?  In France,
Robespierre learned the hard way that justice does indeed have a sharp
edge.  So did Marie Antoinette after she uttered the immortal words to
France's starving peasants:  "Let them eat cake!"  

In the eighteenth century "CAKE" referred to a horrible tasting bread
substitute made with charcoal ashes.  One day in the very near future
our cakes will contain genetically engineered wheat combined with
genetically engineered eggs and icing made with Monsanto's genetically
engineered cream.

Perhaps a new kind of justice should be reserved for Victor Hugo's new
miserable ones...those who make mistakes and are aware of their affects
on laboratory animals, then get their genetically engineered poisons
into our food supply.

Robert Cohen