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Re: Alar

Please - what's your real point?  "Scares" came into the current context
of what's going on in the UK only because the brit. establishment is
accusing some folks of scare tactics, in the context of genetic
manipulation.  Whether or not such tactics have been used in the U$ isn't
material to the brit question.

I'd have been less suspicious of your personal motives if you had
made reference to e.coli / botulism scares in the U$ which probably don't
get reported in the oz press just because they're so common ( but also
promptly dealt with case-by-case by the  public health folk.  Your
reference to alar was to the one case where a genuine public concern (a)
hit the producers hard, which (b) resulted in similar allegations about
scare tactics, and in lots of legislation to ban "alar-free" labels and
such like.

And so I'm not going to defend the columnist's phrase <Why Americans are
happy to swallow the GM food experiment. Americans have never had a food
scare > except for the fact many Americans do indeed seem happy to swallow
the GM food experiment. The remainder of the column did NOT depend on
the existence or non-existence of food scares.

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Rick Roush wrote:

> Michael:
> My response is and was neutral as to whether there was a real problem (I
> have not investigated this personally, and hardly think that we can rely on
> Rachel to have provided "the truth" in view of recent postings from the
> same source), but at least we  both agree that there have been food scares
> in the US.  My main point was the American view, which I continue to see as
> enlightened, cannot be attributed to a lack of food scares.
> Rick
> >
> >Just in case this comment is an attempt to say that Alar was banned just
> >because of a scare, as contrasted to being banned because as being unfit
> >for use on foods because of its effect on consumers, let's just cite
> >Rachel   #535 (02/27/97): The Alar Rebellion of 1989  for a annoted
> >version of the truth.
> >
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