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Re: Why Americans are happy with GM food, archive 817

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Rick Roush  quoted from a INDEPENDENT piece I posted
a few hours ago

< Why Americans are happy to swallow the GM food experiment. Americans
have never had a food scare >

and said < This is simply not true.  For example, Alar was banned in the
US over a scare.  >

Just in case this comment is an attempt to say that Alar was banned just
because of a scare, as contrasted to being banned because as being unfit
for use on foods because of its effect on consumers, let's just cite
Rachel   #535 (02/27/97): The Alar Rebellion of 1989  for a annoted
version of the truth. 


 Certainly there was an attempt by the apple producers to depict the
situation as only a scare drummed up by environmetalists without
scientific justification, but that attempt didn't stick. Neither did their
attempt to recoup their financial losses thru litigation



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