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powerless to prevent it?

Do people see  the below analysis correct? And is it applicable to all
nations, not just UK?

Clive Elwell

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Date: Friday, 19 February 1999 23:03
Subject: Guardian menu on genetically manipul;ated foods


>The next big thing
>By George Monbiot
>Guardian  (London)Friday February 19, 1999

>If Tony Blair begins, at last, to listen to Mr Meacher's anxieties, he
>will rapidly find that he runs into a new problem: that whether or not it
>wants to act, the Government might be unable to do so. Both Tory and
>Labour governments have been so determined to facilitate 'free trade' that
>they have progressively signed away their right to intervene.
>If the Government seeks to prevent corporations from forcing us to grow
>and eat their crops, the corporations will appeal, first to the European
>Union, then to the World Trade Organisation. And they will win, because
>the governments of the First World have already determined that, in cases
>like this, private profit outweighs public protection.
>Food scares happen in Britain because people feel they have no control
>over what they eat. Our decisions are made for us by invisible and
>unaccountable corporations. We are just about to discover precisely how
>powerless we are.