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About sperm and hens

Just got this from a friend:

Subject: Greenpeace slogan

Just saw it on the news here and simply *loved* it:

So Greenpeace had a huge lorry dump several tons of gene-manipulated grain
(wheat, soy, I don't know) in front of 10 Downing Street, and the vehicles
were marked with the slogan:


up to date, eh?

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How about the first unintentional GE joke...from Robert Heinlein's SF book
"The Cat who Walks through Walls" - a delightful book by the way.

This is more or less how it goes:

A little girl goes running to the school nurse for an asprin and the nurse
asks her "How are things at home?"
"Pretty bad" says the girl, "My little brother thinks he's a hen!"
"Oh dear," says the nurse, "and what treatment are you giving him?"
"None, my mother says we need the eggs."

The joke was meant for another interpretation, but since science and our
perception have changed since the book was published, we can interpret in a
totally different manner. God knows how it will be interpreted 100 years
from now...

Adrian Valls