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Re: More on Dr Pusztai's research, reply to archive 796

>Resent-Date: 18 Feb 1999 20:45:12 -0000
>I was concerned about the Gatehouse claims about tissue cu;ture toxins  when
>they were in obvious contradiction to the Pusztai repot so i refered back to
>my original source. this was his reply:
>Clive Elwell

Clive, Can you identify this source?

>>Concerning the Bt toxin. I asked Pusztai about it and he said that Bt does
>>to sugars so in that sense they are comparable.

Clive, Bt toxins are NOT lectins. They both bind sugars, but not even
Pusztai has claimed that they are lectins.  This is by admission of your
own source!!!