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Re: Monsanto

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 11:35:12AM +0930, wrote:
> And now you speak like a lawyer, with no offense intended to real lawyers.
> Every organisation is made of its people, most of whom have modest means
> and families and who need jobs. Just like the German and Japanese people
> and their leaders, whom we no longer hold responsible for the actions of
> their predecessors. How can it be easier to forgive deliberate mass murder
> than errors of judgement?

Ever heard about that we can only avoid faults and dangerous
developments by learning from history?

A single employee of Monsanto is not necessarily responsible for 
contaminating areas in Vietnam as well as a citizen of Germany for killing 
jews, gipsys and other minorities.

But Germany as a state has the duty to do the best to help the surviving
victims and Monsanto as a company is also responsible for the damages their
products caused.

Germany has done its best to avoid discussions about responsibility and to
minimize compensation payments. I never heard that Monsanto and other
companies producing Agent Orange paid one cent to the dioxin victims in 

> >But you protest too much in favor of Monsanto. The sons and daughters
> >are different persons from their fathers. The Monsanto of 25 years ago
> >is the same legal person as the Monsanto of today.