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Re: Monsanto, archive 751


 >What is your purpose?  And can you answer my question ?  Do you believe in
 >persecuting sons and daughters for the errors of their fathers, successors
 >for the errors of their long retired predecessors?

This is flawed analogy, and quite obvious at that. Monsanto 25 years
ago is the same legal person as Monsanto today. You reply that I sound
like a lawyer. This is again a flawed ad hominem argument.

 >I for one don't care about what your relatives or friends have
 >done. And I don't care about Monsanto's distant past.

Corporations should be accountable for the damage they cause, even if
they are found out many years later and the original employees are
gone. This is precisely the logic behind the damage suit against
tobacco companies, for example, although some of the things they are
being accused of (like hiding scientific info) occurred more than 25
years back. Based on your flawed reasoning, people shouldn't care
about the tobacco companies' distant past either.

Roberto Verzola