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Dear Rick
You seem to be stumbling over your own feet in your haste to defend GE technology and its proponents. Very well, I will take the time to answer your question.
Someone sent me an article they had written on Monsanto's history, and asked me to verify their facts.
In that article they associated the company with the three chemicals that were listed in my e-mail - Saccharin, DDT, and T
halidomide. I was pretty sure that Monsanto had never had anything to do with the two last, and I was uncertain about the first. To check the facts I put my question on the Gentech list. I received a reply, with references, and i was then able to pass on the information to the original enquirer. He no doubt corrected his article accordingly.
Clive Elwell
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Clive: Oh, perhaps you were just asking for a casual study of history. What is your purpose? And can you answer my question ? Do you believe in persecuting sons and daughters for the errors of their fathers, successors for the errors of their long retired predecessors?


You seem to be reading a lot into my factual enquiry

Do you always persecute sons and daughters for the errors of their fathers?

I for one don't care about what your relatives or friends have done. And I don't care about Monsanto's distant past.


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