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Re: GM food and the media

Scanning and sending the report would be appreciated, thanks. It would be a
change to see something scientific written about this affair.
But please, no Acrobat files or anything like that? I haven't got the
software to read them!

David Wengraf

>Dear David
>You are quite wrong.
>The experiments compared rats fed potatoes genetically engineered with
>snowdrop lectins, and rats fed potatoes merely "spiked" with an equivalent
>amount of similar lectin.
>The rats fed the GE potatoes, and I quote directly from the Report of the
>Project coordinator on Data produced at the Rowett Research Institute
>(SOAEFD Flexible Fund Project RO 818)
>"there were highly significant differences in the wet and dry weights of
>many essential body organs, indicating that the effects of GNA-GM-potatoes
>on body and organ metabolism were significantly different from those of the
>control potatoes......
>other effects which included the enlargement of the pancras,jejunum and
>testes on raw GNA-GM-potatoes diets suggested that the lack of
>equivalence might also be extended to a lack of equivalence in the
>consequenses between feeding of GM and parent line potatoes. This is of
>particular importance because as shown before (table 3) this occurs depite
>that the behaviour in the gut lumen of "potato GNA" after GNA-GM-potatoes
>potato diets was closely similar to that of "snowdrop GNA" in parent
>diets spiked with GNA (table 3)"
>Thus it is not the effect of lectins on the rat's organs that has been
>to be disastrous, but the GM process itself.
>Also, in experiment D227, the one the above extract is describing, the
>potatoes were boiled, not raw.
>Rick Rush please note.
>If there is sufficient interest, I am willing to  have the report scanned
>and made available through e-mail.
>I wonder which way the establishment will find to "discredit" the research
>now? Doubtless they will find some way.
>Clive Elwell