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You seem to be reading a lot into my factual enquiry
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From: Rick Roush <>
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Date: Wednesday, 17 February 1999 18:39
Subject: Re: Monsanto, archive 751

Can anyone tell me if Monsanto were ever involved in any of the following products:

Clive Elwell

Can anyone tell me if any of Clive Elwell's ancestors, friends, or relatives have ever been involved in any questionable activities?

Absurd question? As John Whiting noted (archive 758), saccharin and other now questionable Monsanto products pre-dated WWII. DDT (not produced by Monsanto so far as I know) was developed about the same time, and was effectively banned in the US more than 25 years ago.

We have forgiven the German and Japanese people their sins of 50 years ago. Will you continue to punish Monsanto for its past errors?

Clive, whatever happened in the past, the people who run these companies now are not the same individuals in charge more than 25 years ago. More specifically, the people who do the plant genetic engineering that interests me have been with the company for only about 15 years. I am conscious of the concerns that that Robert Cohen and others have about growth hormones, and add that the plant people have nothing to do with that either.

Do you always persecute sons and daughters for the errors of their fathers?

I for one don't care about what your relatives or friends have done. And I don't care about Monsanto's distant past.