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something positive to say

Yes, I have a simple message.
Only eat certified organic food.

This is an enormously powerful thing to do, politically, economically,
socially and personally.
Here are some of the positive results of such action that occur to me at
this moment:

1) You avoid GE food in your diet

2) You avoid all those toxic chemicals in your diet, herbicides, pesticides,
fungicides, preservatives, etc etc.

3) You are eating food with vastly superior nutrional content, food that is

4) It is the single most important step you can take to inprove your health,
fitness and vitality

5) You are supporting existing organic growers.

6) You are creating a market to encourage other growers to turn organic and
desert the aggroo-chemical scene.

7) You are no longer supporting the agro-chemical industry, all the people
who profit by processing and selling inferior, contaminated, junk food. This
includes the GE industry.

8) You are sending a message, loud and clear.

Clive Elwell
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Date: Wednesday, 17 February 1999 06:12
Subject: Continuing brit uproar about genetically manipulated foods

>Does anyone have something positive to say? I don't think many of us are
>able to avoid all contact with Frankenstein foods.