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Well the BBC did say there would be
an emergency statement in the House, but it seems to be a placatory
statement to keep consumers quiet. Fuller report later, meanwhile here's
our hot newsman !!!
 Date: Tue, 16 Feb  1999 16:04:24 +0000
From: genetiXlinX <>

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In the UK the genetiX /genetically modified food /frankenstein food debate
is being pushed by radio, newspapers tv and public a backlash against the
inadequacies of food safety proven over BSE, and now we have reached the
critcal mass that the issue is taking off exponentially.

the debate is mainly on food safety, but also has covered many other
issues, and will continue as there is a wealth of stories coming and I
think everyone is enjoying seeing the GMLabour government spinning from the
impact of the public reaction. They are very rattled. 

Geoff Rooker, Agriculture Minister, has just given placatory remarks re
safety of consumers is prime concern. This will not work. The government is
digging a big hole for itself, as regards public opinion. Conservatives
have just mentioned in parliament about Blair links to Clinton and Monsanto!

Some of the government are obviously talking nonsense. They are not well
informed and the thousands of different people working on this issue
thoughout the world are running rings round them. They are really on the
defensive. They cannot probably even cope timewise!

keep it up!

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