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Re: GM food and the media


David Wengraf:
>Why should this area of science be destroyed by badly-informed journalists
>and public who have very little understanding of what genetic engineering
>actually entails?

First because those who have this knowledge do not come in the city to explain.
Second, because the scientists have choosen the side of multinationals.
They cannot be believed anymore because they have not been honest.
All the same as for BSE : Those who have not been honest will be lynched.

Every day, you choose the side you will have to take up.
You may make mistakes. Not deforming truth, firing Pusztai while not
checking his experiments, validating Bst whiling omiting some figures,
validating Aspartame and not publishing the figures of the main study...

To my mind, Science is very exacting : If you are right often, you may
be trusted. But if you happen to be wrong once, then you cannot be trusted
any more.
It seems a rather good organisation of science, ... and of society.