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Aspartame and the Space-Time Geodesic

Aspartame and the Space-Time Geodesic

Dear Christoph Reuss,

Good point. However, there is no reason that a notion
cannot be opinion and assertion as well as hypothesis.
My statement is certainly all of the above. It merely
shows that I have great confidence in the hypothesis.
In leadership, proven fact is not absolutely required for
assertion. Confidence is required. Certainty can at times come
subjectively even for any of us, as it did for Einstein.
Einstein had great confidence and made bold assertion, well
before he had clear confirmation of mass bending the space-time
geodesic in accordance with the theory of relativity.
He was confident then -- and I am confident now. I am
confident that Betty's cases are not only representative,
but represent the tip of the iceburg. Let us proceed to
test the hypothesis-assertion-opinion
regarding the devastating destructive power of the
genetically engineered chemical/drug Aspartame.

Peter Ligotti

Peter  M. Ligotti wrote:
> I said that Aspartame is
> implicated, I never said it was proven in hundreds of
> thousands of cases worldwide. What we have here is called
> a hypothesis.

To quote your original posting:
>>>  Aspartame has been clearly implicated
>>>  in hundreds of thousands of disease cases and deaths worldwide.

Your formulation "has been clearly implicated in" doesn't sound like a
hypothesis, it sounds like an assertion, and the majority of your intended
audience (laymen) will understand it as an assertion.  Appropriate
formulations would be "anecdotal evidence suggests that A. is implicated in",
or "A. is supposed to be implicated in".