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Aspartame Poisoning Epidemic: Information from Mission Possible

Aspartame Poisoning Epidemic: Information from Mission Possible

Betty Martini, director of Mission Possible, received a
copy of our discussion and forwarded the following information
regarding implication of worldwide Aspartame poisoning.

Aspartame complaints flood in day and night on email and by phone.  The
ones by phone sometimes do not send the report.  As an example, during this
Nancy Markle post that went around the world about my lecture at the World
Environmental Conference,  so many cases came in it crashed the computer.
In a little over a week we had 6000 cases come we are trying to get back
when it crashed.  There were so many cases, and they continue a support
group has been set up on line on  the Internet as people count off the days
on aspartame and watch their symptoms disappear.

As an example one medical establishment says thousands of calls are coming
in over the Markle deal.  They have put the emails on auto-responder sent
directly to me.  They have a recording that directs people to me on this
issue.  Likewise, doctors tell me hospitals are also swamped with calls,
and hospitals have called from other countries even.  Many people do not
associate aspartame problems with aspartame and are finding out.

In the early 80's according to Richard Wilson who lost his wife Joyce to
aspartame, who also had an operation, the FDA had 10,000 complaints back
then.  She had in excess of 10,000 come in on her hotline.  Shannon Roth
who had an operation in Ocala, Florida also had a hotline earlier than
Joyce.  In Congressional Hearings it was admitted  the FDA was telling
people complaining of symptoms from aspartame to call the AIDS Hotline to
get rid of the complaints.  Other Mission Possible operations are taking
complaints  also.  Mark Gold who has the Aspartame Toxicity Center said he
only puts a line or two on each complaint so people can read the horror
stories, and yet it many times crashes their system to download it.  Then
he put it in stages and it still crashes systems to download the
complaints.  He says he will probably have to set up the Aspartame Toxicity
Center #2 .  His site is

Dr. Kessler said some years ago that only 1% of serious problems are
reported to the FDA.  They seem to not want anymore than 10,000.  In l996
Dr. Kessler knew he was going to give blanket approval to a deadly
neurotoxin and had to show a decrease.  The l996 FDA report actually stated
they had to change their bookkeeping system which required throwing away
hundreds of aspartame complaints.  They go to any means to get rid of
aspartame complaints.  Countless people told me in l996 they were told they
were no longer accepting aspartame complaints  and at one time this was
published in the Food Chemical News.  so if you want to show a decrease in
complaints simply throw away what you have and then don't take anymore.
They told the Standard News when they did a front page story on aspartame
they only received 16 complaints that year.  I told the Standard News I
received 16 complaints too --- BEFORE LUNCH!   And that is the way the
story was published.

Consider Dr. Roberts has taken com plaints for years and years published in
his books (1 800 - 814-9800).  Dr. Blaylock told me  he receives cases of
brain tumors and other  problems from aspartame constantly.  He wrote
Excitotoxins:  The  Taste That Kills.  ( 1 800 -   643 -2665).  Likewise
Dr. Olney and Dr. Walton have taken them.  Dr. Walton did a study and
NutraSweet refused to sell him the aspartame.  The results were so damaging
the institution had to stop the study.  The Community Nutrition Institute
in Washington has taken complaints and petitioned the FDA to ban aspartame
because of so many reports of people going blind on this toxin.  (l986  -
the FDA ignored the petition)

Complaints are being taken by Mission Possible operations all over the
world, Mission Possible Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy,
Holland, Peru, Mexico, Brazil,Sweden, Scotland, and on and on and on.
Mission Possible operations all over the US are taking complaints.

We have stacks of complaints that we don't even have time to file them.
Many complaints and statements are taken on the DORway guest book.  They
come in by mail.   .  As calls come in we are told of many others with the
complaints and how they now know so many who they believe have died of it.
There are other operations as well taking complaints and other doctors.

Consider there are about 200 million people in the world on this deadly
toxin and it is estimated that 5 out of  7 already  have the symptoms or
some disease triggered by aspartame.  If you get out in a crowd you can
take case histories all day without end.
And remember how many thousands have already gotten reactions and realized
it was aspartame and immediately stopped topped using the product.

Aspartame hardens the synovial fluids so we have an epidemic of
fibromyalgia because the patients are being misdiagnosed or as Dr. Roberts
says, the name fibromyalgia is simply a catchall for this type of pain.
A great percentage on the Aspartame Support List, the Aspartame/One list
have fibromyalgia.  Aspartame is a seizure triggering drug and consider the
epidemic of seizures we have.  It destroys the immune system - consider the
epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Aspartame triggered in original
studies, pituitary adenomas, brain tumors, mammary tumors, pancreatic
tumors, uterine tumors , ovarian tumors, and on and on.  The phenylalaine
breaks down into diketopiperzine, a tumor agent.  Consider the thousands
and thousands that have died from tumors triggered by aspartame that nobody
has associated with the toxin because the FDA and Monsanto tells people the
studies showed safety.  In reality, these are the studies that approved
aspartame and the FDA's own audit, the Bressler Report, is on confirming the true facts.  Also, these studies were the
target of an indictment for fraud that was not carried out when two U.S.
Prosecutors went to work for the law firm defending the case and let the
statute of limitations expire.

Consider the people dying of heart attacks.  Dr. Roberts says aspartame
triggers an irregular heart rhythm and physicians not realizing aspartame
is a drug, medicate these patients and the drugs interact causing complete
heart block and sudden death from myocardial infarctions.  Consider that
Dr. Louis Elsas, pediatric professor, genetics, at Emory University
testified before Congress that aspartame  is a neurotoxin and  teratogen
(triggers birth defects).   Some women have said they have lost as many as
7 babies on aspartame because there was no warning.  Just in the last few
days someone told me about the young teenager we tried to warn not to use
aspartame during pregnancy.  She said: "If aspartame caused birth defects
the FDA would not have allowed it on the market."  She was addicted to it
and couldn't give it up, its a  very addicting drug and those on the
support list are going through terrible withdrawal symptoms.  She just gave
birth to a horribly deformed baby that died 2 minutes after birth before
she wouldn't listen.   During this discussion a woman by the name of Betty
Zacery said: "My daughter drinks Diet Coke all day."  I regretted I said:
"So  what does your daughter have - MS, lupus or a brain tumor?"  She said:
"She has MS and a brain tumor!"  As Dr. Roberts says, it is a disease
because the symptoms and pattern are predictable.  He has now, of course,
declared Aspartame Disease to be a world epidemic and soon his medical text
on the world plague will be available to the public.

Consider how toxic this makes the liver (Read Dr. Cabot's report (liver
specialist) on and how many suffer from this.  Consider Dr.
Roberts is a diabetic specialist and says aspartame precipitates diabetes
which has tripled.  Consider Dr. Roberts has done 30 years of research on
Alzheimers and says aspartame is escalating this disease (Defense Against A
lzheimers Disease - 1 800 - 814-9800).

Consider that aspartame is a drug and is interacting with other drugs.  It
changes the dopamine level of the brain and changes brain chemistry in
general.  How many are dying  of these drug interactions like in the case
of cardiac problems?  (See Dr. Roberts position paper on Aspartame and
Cardiac Problems.)

Consider that aspartame triggers Parkinson's Disease and what if the victim
 is on L-Dopa and using aspartame?  And consider that Pape of the National
Yogurt Association has petitioned the FDA to allow aspartame in yogurt
without being labeled and how many things aspartame is in today without
being labeled like restaurant food.  And some things like Pepcid chewable
only say "contains phenylalanine" but they say it has aspartame in it.

Consider that aspartame destroys the central nervous system and mimics MS.
So many we get off aspartame that have been diagnosed with MS are finding
their symptoms disappear - if we get them in time.

Consider that aspartame ravages every organ in the body and a new study has
shown that formaldehyde accumulates in the cells and changes DNA.  Mark my
words and write it down, that Monsanto will get someone to do a study and
try and disprove this.  Expect it!

Consider aspartame triggers convulsions in diabetics and how many of these
have died? (See Dr. Roberts position paper aspartame and diabetes on

This plague is no doubt bigger than AIDS and is exactly what Dr. James
Bowen told the FDA 14  years ago (see statement on that
aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70
countries of the world (now 100).

And Monsanto is not satisfied with causing a world plague now they want to
get approved neotame, an even more potent aspartame because they know if we
get it recalled people will wake up well all over the world from these
horrible problems - if its not too late.  This happened when Return to Eden
in Atlanta gave out 15,000 Killer Kola brochures and thousands got off
aspartame, shocked at waking up well from all kinds of horrible medical
problems that they had been trying to get diagnosed for years.

We can only take so many case histories in a 24 hour periods but they never
stop coming.  Monsanto and the FDA have caused one of the greatest
epidemics in world  history.  In Dr. Roberts first book Aspartame
(NutraSweet) Is It Safe?  he quoted in his first press conference where he
warned the world if something wasn't done then that in 5 or 10 years we
would have a world plague,  And now we have Aspartame Disease in 100

Dr. Blaylock in his interview on Mission Possible Radio (transcript on has explained that aspartame triggers ADD.  He has also
said that many people in mental hospitals today are simply victims of
aspartame.  The phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold of
the brain and lowers serotonin.  Lowered serotonin triggers manic
depression, anxiety,  panic attacks, suicidal tendencies, rage , paranoia,
etc.  So many are either on Prozac or S t. Johns Wart!

Consider how many in this world are blind because of aspartame.  The wood
alcohol converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid even in the retina of
the eye and the acid destroys the optic nerve.  It also causes so many of
the eye problems including retinal detachments.

Aspartame also triggers Graves Disease.  Sweet Poison is written by someone
who was diagnosed with Graves Disease, got off aspartame and the symptoms

Consider that o ver 1000 pilots have complained plained of the problems and
in the past year and a half three American Airline Pilots who were heavy
users of aspartame have died, one in flight and one had a stroke.

In conclusion Dr. Blaylock said in a paper on DORway titled: "Not Just
Another Scare:  Toxin Additives in Your Food and Drink", on the last page:
"A recent study has demonstrated that aspartame feeding to an imals results
in an accumulation of formaldehyde within the cells, with evidence of
significant damage to cellular proteins and DNA.  In fact, the formaldehyde
accumulated with prolonged use of aspartame.  With this damning evidence,
one would have to be suicidal to continue the use of a aspartame sweetened
foods, drinks and medicines.  The use of foods containing excitotoxin
additives is especially harmful to the unborn and small children."

He goes into the fact that by age 4 the brain is only 80% formed!     He
then goes into ADD and ADHD.  This paper is also on MSG and consider the
synergistic effects of using both                 The fraud in science is
despicable.  In one study on MSG where they were trying to show that MSG
would not cause any more reactions than the placebo they actually used
aspartame as the placebo.  This was uncovered in FDA records by Jack
Samuels who filed suit against the FDA on the MSG issue.

Excuse the skipping in typing but we have all kinds of computer problems
because of the mass mail and are asking those who didn't get a response
because of the crash to email again.

Hope this explains somewhat what we are dealing with in aspartame
complaints and how far the FDA has gone to cover it up.  In fact, a
Canadian Magazine called the FDA to discuss the 92 symptoms on their report
and they were told it was not their report.  I got this report from them
through Freedom of Information and then faxed it to Canada so they could
see it was on their stationery.  The FDA has approved Do-It-Yourself
Embalming and the graveyards are full of the victims of the mass poisoning
of the consumer public in 100 countries of the world by Monsanto Chemical
Company, the largest manufacturer of poisons in the world.  Anything that
has aspartame in it, food and drugs, should be labeled:  KEEP OUT OF REACH

Hope this helps the public to understand how many people are suffering from
this plague and how important it is fill out the FDA form on
and send us a copy for confirmation, preferably certified since FDA is
known to not log them in by their reports.

Betty Martini, Mission Possible International
770 242-2599At 01:14 PM 2/14/99 -0800, you wrote:

>Aspartame Epidemic: Hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide --
>Aspartame, Betty Martini, and Mission Possible
>Exageration ?
>Regarding Betty Martini having over ten thousand
>actual documented cases of people with Aspartame disease:
>The actual number worldwide will be many orders higher in
>I infer that there are
>probably vastly more cases which have never been
>known or reported to Betty. There are probably many magnitudes,
>maybe exponentially more cases that have never been sent to
>Betty, and many of those also have never been properly diagnosed.
>As an example,
>if a poll shows that 60% of 100,000,000 voters support U.S. President
>Clinton, then we know that there are roughly 60,000,000 supporters.
>The poll may have asked less than 1000 voters whether or
>not they support President Clinton. Our conclusion is of course a
>logical extrapolation.
>In a similar way, based on Betty's evidence,
>the number of cases of Aspartame poisoning
>worldwide must be at least 100,000 cases, and probably
>much more, maybe millions of cases worldwide.
>Betty of course has no contact whatsoever with most
>people, in fact probably has direct or indirect contact
>with less than 1% of the population.
>Results also depend on how severe symptoms must become to
>classify symptoms as Aspartame Disease. For example, simple
>headaches from aspartame may or may not qualify.
>According to her, based on her experience,
>aspartame is often misdiagnosed as something
>else, such as epilepsy, etc.
>This may be hard to believe, but isn't it also hard
>to believe that chemical companies are genetically
>engineering the entire food supply? Aspartame disease
>is an important subset of the present
>insanity with the food supply.
>Peter Ligotti
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