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Re: Dr. Arpad Pusztai

 Surely Dr Pusztai's findings showed that this lectin becomes harmful when
it is
transferred by GM into the potato. This was shown in feeding trials with
rats which suffered severe organ damage, even brain damage - a finding that
has now been confirmed by a senior pathologist. However, the lectin is NOT
harmful when mixed with normal potato and fed to the rats. This indicates
it is the MODIFICATION ITSELF which is the problem, which is why this
is so explosive as it undermines the whole basis on which GM foods have been
assessed to date.
Whether this particular lectin is in use or not seems to me to be
immaterial, as far as what Dr Pusztai's research points to.

Clive Elwell

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Date: Monday, 15 February 1999 16:37
Subject: Dr. Arpad Pusztai

>I am personally happy to see Puuztai's honour restored.  However, let's
>remember, as most of the reports have noted, that these were potatoes
>modified with snowpea lectin gene, which is not in any GE crops now.
>Further, precisely because research on health effects was undertaken,
>snowpea lectins (and perhaps all lectins) are now extremely unlikely to be
>even proposed for a food crop.
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