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Re: Aspartame Epidemic:

Christoph Reuss wrote:
Betty's "cases" are a self-selected sample and thus not representative.
If you spread out on the whole internet that all Clinton supporters
should contact you, and a few thousand do, then you can hardly claim
that there are "hundreds of thousands" Clinton supporters. 

Dear Christopher,

On the contrary, FDA has called anecdotal evidence NOT EVIDENCE at all.
When something occurs over and over again so as to hit you on the
head...there comes a time when you have to listen.  FDA said that there
were no biological effects on laboratory animals from ASPARTAME

I will stke the entire aspartame controversy on this easy to prove lie.
There were many severe biological effects and "insiders" at FDA
adamantly refused to give their approval to this dangerous drug.

Betty Martini has helped to expose an enormous fraud and I heartily
applaud her passion and altruism to seeking a solution and making a
difference.  We all owe Betty a debt of gratitude.

Robert Cohen