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Aspartame Epidemic: Hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide

Aspartame Epidemic: Hundreds of thousands of cases worldwide --
Aspartame, Betty Martini, and Mission Possible
Exageration ?

Regarding Betty Martini having over ten thousand
actual documented cases of people with Aspartame disease:
The actual number worldwide will be many orders higher in

I infer that there are
probably vastly more cases which have never been
known or reported to Betty. There are probably many magnitudes,
maybe exponentially more cases that have never been sent to
Betty, and many of those also have never been properly diagnosed.

As an example,
if a poll shows that 60% of 100,000,000 voters support U.S. President
Clinton, then we know that there are roughly 60,000,000 supporters.
The poll may have asked less than 1000 voters whether or
not they support President Clinton. Our conclusion is of course a
logical extrapolation.

In a similar way, based on Betty's evidence,
the number of cases of Aspartame poisoning
worldwide must be at least 100,000 cases, and probably
much more, maybe millions of cases worldwide.
Betty of course has no contact whatsoever with most
people, in fact probably has direct or indirect contact
with less than 1% of the population.

Results also depend on how severe symptoms must become to
classify symptoms as Aspartame Disease. For example, simple
headaches from aspartame may or may not qualify.

According to her, based on her experience,
aspartame is often misdiagnosed as something
else, such as epilepsy, etc.

This may be hard to believe, but isn't it also hard
to believe that chemical companies are genetically
engineering the entire food supply? Aspartame disease
is an important subset of the present
insanity with the food supply.

Peter Ligotti