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Re: Aspartame, Betty Martini, and Mission Possible

Peter M. Ligotti wrote:
Betty Martini, Mission Possible, and Aspartame Disease
For Information on hundreds of thousands of
disease cases and/or deaths worldwide from Aspartame,
contact Betty Martini at Mission Possible
headquarters in Atlanta, U.S.A. 

Dear Peter and friends,

Sometimes, by exaggerating, we invite criticism.  Betty Martini is a
tireless worker and I adore her.  Mrs. Martini does not have hundreds of
thousands of cases.  However, she does have thousands and thousands of
cases!  One day last year I got annoyed at Betty because she stated that
she possessed over five thousand case histories of aspartame victims.  I
told Betty to EMAIL me each case history.  It took me about twelve days
to print all of those excess of ten thousand.  I checked out
a few dozen at random and each person was as passionate as Betty blaming
aspartame for a variety of ills and crediting the CURE to giving up diet
soda and NutraSweet products.

As a result of Betty's info, I got my parents off of all aspartame
products.  That was the end of mom's monthly visits to her physician for
the phony DIABETES diagnosis.  That was also the end to her leg pains,
and dad's vision problems.  I got my child's teacher (after her
thirdmiscarriage) to geive up the two six packs of diet coke she
consumed each day.  She gave birth about 15 months later.

That week STAPLES stock went up two points as a result of my printer
cartridge and paper purchases.  I never actually counted the number of
cases but I guesstimate that I received 6,000+ different cases from
Betty.  That was in late 1996.

Betty made me a believer.  You can find more about Betty and ASPARTAME

Robert Cohen

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