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Aspartame, Betty Martini, and Mission Possible

Betty Martini, Mission Possible, and
Aspartame Disease

For Information on hundreds of thousands of
disease cases and/or deaths worldwide from Aspartame,
contact Betty Martini at Mission Possible
headquarters in Atlanta, U.S.A.
If you don't have the contact information, you
can easily get it from Robert Cohen, who is on this
list and a good friend of Betty's. Thanks for catching
the formaldehyde typo. Since you are great at spelling,
would you like to do some further editing work? If so,
please contact me at
We are always looking for good volunteers.

Thanks again,


Peter  M. Ligotti wrote:
> This is known as the artificial sweetener
> Equal or NutraSweet and is made up of three chemicals
> and a genetically engineered enzyme. It breaks down into
> formeldahyde in the body. It's a genetically engineered
> chemical or drug. Aspartame has been clearly implicated
> in hundreds of thousands of disease cases and deaths worldwide.

Where is the evidence for it being "clearly implicated in hundreds of
thousands of disease cases and deaths" ?  With broad statements like this
and not knowing how to spell formaldehyde, you are unnecessarily harming
your credibility and doing our cause a disservice.