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New Issue of AgBioForum

The second issue of AgBioForum is now on-line at
<>.  The second issue deals with the
structural impacts of biotechnology on the agri-food chain and the ongoing
industry consolidation. Contributed papers focus on the impacts of industry
consolidation on farmers; the impacts on the various upstream related
industries - chemicals and seeds; and the impacts on the processing and
food industries.  Additional papers address the affect of
intellectual property rights on industry consolidation;  the valuation and
expected performance of seed and biotechnology company acquisitions; and
give a European perspective on the recent consolidation of the seed

AgBioForum is an on-line magazine which publishes articles on the economics
and management of agricultural biotechnology.  AgBioForum is edited and
published out of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and is funded by the
Illinois-Missouri Biotechnology Alliance (IMBA).  Contributors are
academics, private and public sector analysts, and decision makers.  It is
available free-of-charge.

I hope that you will find this issue a useful resource.  If you have any
specific questions please contact
Information on
membership, editorial policy, and submissions is available on-line.

Leonie A. Marks, Ph.D.
Managing Editor