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Tax dollars at work: AIDS Bioengineering on trial.

In case you did not see this release that someone else sent me.  Is there any
truth to this?


JANUARY 15, 1999

                             AIDS BIOENGINEERING ON TRIAL

Cleveland, OH: 
The issue of governmental involvement in the creation,
production, and proliferation of the AIDS virus will be resolved in the
Federal Court in the Northern District of Ohio before Federal Judge Lesley
Brooks Wells. The complaint (Graves v. Cohen; 98 CV 2209) filed by Boyd E
Graves on September 28, 1998 contains direct evidence of bioengineering,
including the Congressional Testimony of the Pentagon given on June 9, 1969
and July 1, 1969 before a U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee. "The
Pentagon's Testimony of June 9, 1969 leaves no reasonable doubt of the
absolute culpability of the government," remarked lead plantiff, Boyd E
Graves, to John Mangels, Medical Reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"The overwhelming and substantial credible evidence will sufficiently prove the
government bioengineered the AIDS virus by recombining a cow virus and a
sheep virus." "The evidence will also show this recombined agent was
proliferated in the smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines. The mathematical
epidemiology of the AIDS virus proves a large number of persons had to be
simultaneously exposed.  Addtionally, the epidemiological profile of the early
AIDS virus in the United States mirrors with "remarkable similarity" the
epidemiological profile of the Cohort Study Group of the experimental hepatitis
B vaccine trials. No virus debilitates or kills with such precise selectivity,"
commented Graves.

An initial ruling to certify the Class is anticipated from the Judge. A tax
deductible fund is being established through the Cleveland Plain Dealer,
(216) 999-4659; Samuel W Black, Curator for African American History, the
Reserve Historical Society, (216) 721-5722; or Ronald G Rody, Executive
Director, New Hope Alternative Therapy Reserve, (216) 363-5060.


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