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Global Plan: Food Bacteria/Virus Warning and Action

Global Plan: Food Bacteria/Virus Warning and Action

Dear David,

If you feel like you can improve the Global Action Plan,
then great! That's fantastic!

Please feel free to do so. According to my understanding
of how this plan works, that is part of the process.

You are free to improve it,
rewrite it, make necessary corrections, have a better attitude,
make the points in a way that you feel more suitable, etc.

You can read whatever scientific reference journals you wish,
and add and make all appropriate referrences as you see fit.
Or you can start all over from scratch and make a better system.
You can also translate your greatly improved version, with
your own vision, into German.

That would be great.

By the way, when you are finished, please be sure to send me a copy,
and please send a copy to this list. (if it is in English please,
I cannot read German yet)  I will look carefully at your version,
and if I agree that yours is an improvement, then I will very
happily use your version when I send it out to others.

This could be a great service in the fight against GE food,
and that's exactly how the plan seems to have been designed anyway.
Thanks! And we definitely do appreciate your participation!


I agree that we don't know everything about these foods, but, as a serious
point, your attitude doesn't really help.
Example: Dr Frankenfood (see below).
We'll never know enough about this technology if we don't research it, and
if you manage to destroy the market, it'll never get done.
Also, the valid points that you do make are hurt by the way you present
them. You're damaging your own credibility. Calm down, read the scientific
journals and reference these messages properly. You'll get more support that

David Wengraf