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We'll never know enough about this technology if we don't research it,
and if you manage to destroy the market, it'll never get done.

Dear David,

I agree with you.  Look at what a few do-gooders did to some very good
products.  Diethyl stilbesterol was a beneficial drug, as was
thalidomide.  Both did a lot of good and were banned because of a small
group of fanatics.  Let's also look at DDT.  Rachel Carson wrote that
idiotic book, SILENT SPRING and now a wonderful pesticide has been
banned in America.  Please note that most of the nations on this planet
still use DDT because it is really safe.  Fruits and veggies coming into
America are sprayed with this pesticide and nobody at FDA seems to care
because they know the truth and are there to protect us.

As a matter of fact, cigarette smoking was never really proven as being
dangerous.  Sure, there was a lot of statistical and empirical data, but
nobody ever demonstrated how lung cancer grew from smoking cigarettes.

I agree with the ADA...all things in moderation.

Let's not ban these new products just because a few radical activists
tell us they are not safe!

Robert Cohen