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Bye-Bye, Adios Monsanto: GE food and Year 2000

Bye-Bye Monsanto
GE food and Year 2000

The USDA, Postal Service, and FCC plan spin control to try to
get people to remain calm and not stockpile too much food, etc.
Hopefully they will stockpile non-GE food if they choose to stockpile.
It is amazing that the Feds want spin control instead of honesty.  People
can deal with honesty but very hard to prepared or plan when we are unsure
of reality. Anyway, this will be goodbye to Monsanto, Novartis, and the
USDA. Bye-bye. Adios.

Peter Ligotti

> Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 10:34:40 -0800
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> From: Bob Dillon <>
> Subject: Sighting: Feds plan Y2K spin control
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> Feds Plan Year 2000 Spin Control
> by Declan McCullagh (<>)
> 3:00 a.m. <26.Jan.99.PST> WASHINGTON -- Fears of Y2K panic have prompted
> the U.S. federal government to begin quietly preparing a
> media strategy designed to assuage public fears of blackouts or
> other potential infrastructure
> failures.
> John Koskinen, assistant to President Clinton and chairman of the White
> House's Y2K council, has entered into discussions with a public-relations
> firm, Wired News has learned. The firm has recommended conducting awareness
> surveys and honing a "stay-calm" message based on the results.
> At the council meeting, the Federal Communications Commission's Marsha
> MacBride and the US Postal Service's Richard Weirich reportedly suggested a
> federal project to monitor the public's reaction to Y2K. A USDA
> representative complained that the agency's most frequent
> telephone inquiry has become: "How many cans of food should I
> stockpile for my family?"